Patient Communication Consent Status

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Please note: if you are an EMIS practice, this feature can only be used if your Patchs partner API has been set up. If it's already available, then you should deactivate/reactivate the EMAS user to continue.

Available to EMIS Pilot Practices

This feature allows you to easily see whether a patient has consented to be contacted by SMS and/or by email.

When it is enabled, you will see icons on the right-hand side of the individual patient messaging page which indicate:

  • where consent has been given: a green tick 
  • where consent has been declined: a red cross 

For example:

This Help Page gives an overview of the possible communication consent combinations.

1. Patient has not recorded any objection to SMS or email messaging 

2. Patient has given consent for messaging via email but declined consent for SMS messaging

4. Patient has given consent for SMS messaging but declined consent for messaging via email 

5. Where conflicting consent statuses have been recorded within a short time frame, a mixed consent status will be displayed

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