How to create a list of patients in EMIS

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Search for your patients

From the EMIS ball, navigate to Reporting -> Population Reporting (Search and Reports)


Find a patient report that includes the patients you want to send the bulk message to.
The report Definition should include the following Columns:

  • Given Name
  • Family Name
  • Date of Birth (in short date format i.e. 07/08/1988)
  • NHS Number
  • Mobile Telephone
  • E-mail address

⚠️ Make sure you exclude patients who are deceased or who have declined consent for SMS / email communication.⚠️


Run the report



View Report and Export the Data

You can view the report data on the report tab and using the Export button export the data in CSV report format (ensuring that you don't exclude or remove any report headers).



And save the .csv file, for upload into Patchs. Instructions for uploading the patient list and sending a bulk message are found here: Sending bulk messages.




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