How is The University of Manchester involved with Patchs?

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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It's important to know whether Patchs is delivering benefits for all patients. The University of Manchester carry out independent research to check whether that's the case. They only do this when they have permission from the NHS regulatory authorities.

The research team only use anonymised data. ‘Anonymised’ means you cannot be identified. At any time, you can stop sharing your anonymised data with The University of Manchester for research purposes on the ‘Data Privacy’ page. This is accessible via the top menu on your Patchs homepage, which you have access to after fully registering and logging in. If you stop sharing your anonymised data with The University of Manchester, it will not affect your ability to continue to use Patchs to access GP services.

You can also give your permission for The University of Manchester to contact you by email to discuss your experience using Patchs in more detail. This can be done on the Patchs feedback page.

If you would like to contact the research team directly you can email them on


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