Block patients from accessing Patchs outside the UK

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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It is now possible to enable geo-blocking for your practice. This means that if a patient attempts to login to Patchs from a non-UK IP address, they will be denied access and provided a short explanation as to why.

What geo-blocking does

When geo-blocking is enabled, patients attempting to log in to their Patchs account from a UK IP address will be able to do so as normal. Similarly, patients trying to register and verify their email address for the first time will be able to do so as normal.

However, if a patient tries to log in or register from a non-UK IP address (this includes if they are logging in using their NHS login or the NHS app), they will be shown this message: 

“You appear to be accessing Patchs from outside the UK. For security reasons your GP practice has chosen to only allow access to Patchs from inside the UK. If you need to contact your GP practice please call them on [your practice's phone number].”

How to enable geo-blocking

Geo-blocking is an optional feature which Patchs Admin users can enable/disable from the Feature Settings page. Scroll down to 'Patient access settings' and check the box below:


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