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Dan Sprague
Dan Sprague
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You can now set Patchs to log out staff users after a specified period of inactivity. This makes it is less likely that other people will be able to access confidential patient information on Patchs.

This feature update is only relevant to staff users. Patient accounts are already configured to log out users after 10 minutes of inactivity. 

How staff user timeout works

Staff user timeout allows the practice to specify the amount of time after which staff users are logged out.

The minimum period is 3 minutes. The maximum is 480 minutes (8 hours).

An inactive user will be shown a warning message 1 minute before they are logged out: 

If the user remains does not select Stay logged in, they will be logged out when 1 minute has passed. Then this message will appear: 

To regain access to Patchs, the user will need to log in again.

How to set up staff user timeout

An admin user can enable (and disable) staff user timeout from the Feature Settings page for your practice:

Scroll down to Staff user timeout settings and tick the box to enable. Then select how many minutes of inactivity are allowed before a staff user is logged out. The minimum is 3 minutes and the maximum is 480 minutes (8 hours):

Select the blue button to update the settings. Staff user timeout is now enabled for your practice.








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