Which features does Patchs include?

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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These are some of the key Patchs features:

- Accessibility Patchs meets WCAG 2.0 AA requirements.


- Appointment Bookings and Reminders 


- Clinical System integration including automatic patient registration, saving to record, SNOMED coding, opening medical record, and Single Sign On.


- Demand Control allows practices to set limits on the number of patient requests.


- eHubs/Federated Working allows GP practices, PCNs and eHubs to work collaboratively.


- Language Translation enables patients to submit requests in their preferred language.


- NHS App and Login


- Messaging using bulk and 2-way via email or SMS. Messages can be scheduled and include questionnaires and attachments.


- Medical Questionnaires enable practices to collect relevant information from patients upfront. There is a large library of pre-built questionnaires and a custom builder.


- Online Consultations allows patients to submit health and admin requests online, and attach images/documents. Carers/proxies can also use the service.


- Operating model is flexible so can be used for Total Digital Triage or as an ‘add-on’ system.


- Patient Facing Services enables patients to view their medical record, order prescriptions, and book appointments.


- Patient Section allows them to monitor request progress and review historic requests, as well as view their medical records.


- Remote Monitoring allows patients to submit readings such as blood pressure and complete LTC questionnaires. 


- Reporting Dashboard enables practices and CCGs to review system usage.


- Signposting enables the practice to direct patients to the most appropriate services and encourage patient self-care.


- Templates allow the practice to easily respond to patients with fixed messages and NHS advice links.


- Toolbar allows the practice to easily message patients and load patient records.


- Triage artificial intelligence (AI) detects request topic and urgency, and presents medical questionnaires to collect additional information upfront. The AI is optional and can be disabled at any time. Patchs also allows for manual triage of requests.    


- Video Consultations can be launched immediately using SMS and scheduled. Available for 1-1 and groups sessions.

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