Speech Recognition (Voice-to-Text) Functionality

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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To support patients that have difficulty typing, or would prefer not to type, Patchs works with standard voice-to-text systems that are integrated with mobile phones and web browsers. These systems do not need any additional technology.

Step 1

Patients access Patchs via their GP practice website.

They login / register / continue as guest, and select their type of problem. [New Health Problem, Existing Health Problem, Medication Request, Admin, Other].


Step 2

The patient is then asked a few standard questions in the chatbot interface where they can respond using free-text.

If they do not want to type, they can click on the microphone button on the keyboard at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3

They then click the microphone symbol to start dictating their symptoms.

The text then appears in the response box in the Patchs chatbot and the patient can submit it.


These are illustrations using a Google Android phone. The process would work similarly for other mobile devices such as Apple.



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