PATCHS 1.53 Release (10th February 2022)

The PATCHS 1.53 release includes the following new features and bug fixes

Message Questionnaires

PS-1884 'Reply not required' messages after questionnaire.

Patients are now directed back to read any ‘reply not required’ messages after responding to a patient questionnaire.


Patient Registration

PS-1977 Patient registration - email claiming

Patients registering with PATCHS can now register with a non-digital patient’s email address – removing it from the non-digital patient.

Patient Details

PS-1985 Copy and paste for TPP practices

If you are a TPP practice using PATCHS, the copy and paste function now formats the name as 'forename surname', making it easier to search for your patient in SystmOne.



PS-1983 Report information panel

The information panel at the top of each report now shows:

  • How often the report is run
  • When the report was last updated


PS-1984 Report sorting by date fields

When you sort a report by a date field, the records are now displayed in the correct order.


Supported Browsers

PS-1913 Improve browser support messages

If a user tries to access PATCHS using an unsupported or outdated browser, they are told why the particular browser cannot be used and are shown helpful links to supported browser installers.