Patient Sync for Docman 10

What is Patient Sync?

Patient Sync is a way for you to use PATCHS to communicate with all patients on your practice list - not just those that have signed up for a PATCHS account. Currently Patient Sync is only available to practices who have Docman 10.

How does Patient Sync work?

When Patient Sync is enabled, Docman 10 synchronises the details of all patients on your practice list with PATCHS. Any patients that don't already have a PATCHS account will be created as 'Non-digital' patients in PATCHS. They will appear in your Patients page with grey ticks next to their name. This doesn't mean they have a PATCHS account, but it's a way for your practice to contact them using PATCHS - either by message (email or SMS) or video.


Does Patient Sync keep data in PATCHS up to date?

Yes. Patient Sync updates PATCHS every night. So if a patient doesn't exist in PATCHS they will be added that night.

If a patient already exists in PATCHS (either the patient has signed up to PATCHS themselves 'digital' patients, or if your GP practice has created an account on their behalf 'non-digital' patients) then the following data will be updated in PATCHS:

  • The NHS number will be added if it doesn't already exist in PATCHS (and there's a match on patient name and date of birth)
  • For digital patients, the phone number is updated if PATCHS doesn't currently have one on record.
  • For non-digital patients, all contact details are updated.

What can Patient Sync be used for?

  1. You can initiate a message or video consultation to any patient on your practice list. You can do this either through the Patients page or Docman Toolbar. You can see how this works for Non-digital patients in this article.
  2. You can send Bulk Messages to all patients on your practice list (coming soon!).
  3. You can add Non-digital requests more easily for patients that phone your practice. Rather than having to add each patient manually.

How do I turn on Patient Sync?

Please contact us via the 'Give feedback' button when logged into PATCHS stating that your practice gives us permission to switch on Patient Sync. To comply with GDPR you should fill out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Unfortunately we can't fill out the DPIA for you because you are the Data Controller. However, we will provide you with all the necessary information and help you need to do it.

Does Patient Sync share new patient information?

No. You have already shared this information with Docman 10 - Patient Sync just uses it in a new way to help you communicate with your patients about their care.