Patient views of questionnaires

When you preview a questionnaire, either from the Message Templates page or when you're sending a  questionnaire to a patient, you will see:

  • Questionnaire settings
  • Questions tab
  • Patient view tab


Questionnaire settings

The Questionnaire title

This is the name of the questionnaire and is visible when you search for a message on the on the Contact patient page.


 Questionnaire name for patients

The questionnaire name for patients is the questionnaire name that the patient sees in the chatbot message, asking them to complete the questionnaire and  at the top of the questionnaire when they open it.



On the Questions tab you can see the question properties for your questionnaire, and these will include the question types, associated scores and SNOMED codes.

Patient view

On the Patient view, you will see how a patient view of the questionnaire, showing:

  • The patient's questionnaire name at the top (patients WON'T see the Questionnaire title that you see)
  • Dropdown boxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Free text fields

Scores and SNOMED codes will NOT be shown to the patient when they complete the questionnaire.