Creating your own advice template

Advice templates can be sent to patients when you want to send frequently requested information or advice to a patient, without the need to type it in every time. Patients cannot reply to advice templates - they are for information only. There are already existing advice template messages in PATCHS available to all practices, including back pain red flags, failed encounters, and peak flow diaries, as well as NHS self-help links.

To create an advice message template for use at your practice, on the Create a message template page you should complete all the required fields and add one or more tags, as required. Tags help when a staff user is searching for a messages on a particular topic.


n.b. The text on an existing template cannot be updated, instead you should delete the template and create a new one.

Any advice templates you create will be visible to all staff at your practice but not at any other practices. 

Existing message templates

When you search for, and select an advice template, you  will see the message text along with its associated tags.  

From this page you can add or remove tags or delete the advice message.