Click on Reports from the upper menu to open the PATCH reports page.


Then click on Dashboard to view your PATCHS dashboard.


The upper Requests section shows live data for :

  1. The number of requests in the Unassigned inbox 
    Clicking on the Unassigned heading will open the unassigned inbox in a new tab
  2. The number of requests that have been assigned to a personal or group inbox
  3. The number of requests in the Awaiting a patient response
    Clicking on the
    Awaiting patient response heading will open the Awaiting response inbox in a new tab
  4. The number of new requests received today
  5. The numbed of requests completed today
    Clicking on the Completed today heading will open the completed inbox in a new tab


On the lower Patients section shows:

  1. The average patient feedback star rating
  2. The total number of patients registered on PATCHS
    Clicking on the Total patients heading will open the Registered Patients report in a new tab
  3. A breakdown of patient registrations by gender
  4. Average patient age
  5. A breakdown of average patient age by gender

Please note: The patient numbers are refreshed on an hourly basis throughout the day.