Log in page message

The log in page message is a tailor made message you can put for your patients to see before they log into or register for PATCHS, like this:


You can use the log in page message however you wish, though many practices use it to tell patients about any upcoming closures (e.g. bank holidays) or unforeseen problems (e.g. staff sickness). 

How do I change the landing page message?

As a PATCHS Admin user you can update the Landing Page message on the Edit Practice page.



Simply update the message that you want your patients to see and click Submit

How do I format the landing page message?

You can format your message UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 200 CHARACTERS using the formatting tools at the top of the Landing Page editor.


  • Bold
    Highlight the text and click on the B
  • Numbered list
    Highlight the text and click the numbering button
  • Bulleted list
    Highlight the text and click the bulleted list button
  • Add Link
    To add a link to a piece of text you should
    • Highlight the text
    • Click the link button
    • Type in the link URL
    • Save

For example


Would display as: