How is the University of Manchester involved?

Dr Ben Brown
Dr Ben Brown
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Patchs is an online consultation tool that has been developed by NHS GPs and is based on research evidence.

We are committed to delivering the maximum benefits to patients, GP practices and the wider NHS through our software. Together with The University of Manchester, we are evaluating Patchs in a research project to ensure this happens.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We are developing an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for Patchs. The AI will learn from the decisions GPs make when using Patchs, so that aspects of the online consultation process can be automated.

Patchs aims to ensure that patients receive the best care as soon as possible, whilst also reducing GP practice workload. To make sure that Patchs is safe and useful for patients and GP practices, this aspect is also being evaluated in the research project with The University of Manchester.

Anonymised Data

We only use anonymised data in our research and development projects. 'Anonymised' means that the people who have contributed the data (Patchs users, such as yourself) cannot be identified.


The University of Manchester are keen to hear your feedback about Patchs — whether you use it or not. They are looking for patients and GP practice staff to take part in short telephone interviews. We use this feedback to improve Patchs.
If you’d like to participate or find out more, you can read the recruitment flyer or contact the Patchs team directly.

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