Understanding Prediction Icons

Dan Sprague
Dan Sprague
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Prediction icons are the icons which appear next to each request in your inbox if your practice has Patchs AI functionalities switched on.

The icons are designed to help you to easily distinguish between requests which have been marked as Emergency, Urgent, Routine, or Admin by Patchs AI.

Distinguishing between prediction icons

Red flag: this signals an Emergency request (ought to be resolved the same day). 

Orange flag: this signals an Urgent request (ought to be resolved within 48 hours).

Purple flag: this is used for admin requests, or requests for medication (no time limit).

Grey flag: this signals a request marked as Routine (no time limit).

Two faces: the request requires that a face-to-face consultation be booked.

Two faces with a line scored through: the request does not require a face-to-face consultation.

No icon: the request has been made to a practice without Patchs AI switched on.

Here are just a couple of examples:

  • In the case below, the request has been marked as Urgent and not needing a face-to-face appointment:

  • In the case below, the request has been marked as needing a face-to-face appointment:

All Practice view

We understand that some Patchs staff users work across multiple practices, and that not all of these practices may have Patchs AI switched on.

Previously, this made it impossible to tell which non-Urgent/non-Emergency requests had been predicted as Routine, and which had no prediction at all.

As detailed above, requests marked as Routine by Patchs AI now display a grey flag icon.

Requests made to those practices without Patchs AI enabled (and therefore marked with no prediction) now show no icon.

All other icons remain the same.


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