Accessing Assessments & Care Programmes

Gwynneth Derere
Gwynneth Derere
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Step 1: Creating an account 

When you first click on the on the CareNow or Assessments sections under the Wellbeing tab, you will be asked to create your own account. This will allow you to save your results and keep your data private. 

You can use these account details next time you log in to the TELUS One app.

Follow these steps to create your own account:

1. Select the 'Wellbeing' tab at the top of the page


2. Select the 'CareNow Programmes' tab and then click the 'Create your account' button in the bottom right. 


3. Enter your name, email and new password and click the 'Next' button to create your account.



Step 2: Taking a Total Wellbeing Assessment 

The comprehensive assessment tools will help you understand your health risks and make informed decisions.

To access the Wellbeing Assessment click on the 'Wellbeing' tab at the top of the page and then the 'Assessments' tab in the sub-header menu.

Next click the 'Start Now' link in the main header section to start the assessment and then follow the instructions. 


Step 3: Starting a Care Programme

CareNow offers over 30 specialised self-help programmes allowing you to choose your own path and learn in your own way.

To access the CareNow Programmes click on the 'Wellbeing' tab at the top of the page and then the 'Care Programmes' tab in the sub-header menu.

Next select the programme you would like to follow and follow the instructions. 


You can access the TELUS Health One app guide here.


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