How is PATCHS different to other online consultation solutions?

PATCHS has the following features:

  • Medical record integration including automatic patient registration, note filing, and SNOMED coding
  • Bulk and 2-way patient messaging using email or SMS

  • AI triage and mental health detection using free-text responses, trained by GPs

  • Ability to control patient request volume

  • Image and document uploads

  • Video consultations

  • Customisable questionnaires

  • Progressive Web App for smartphones

  • Patient links to NHS guidance

  • One-click federated working allows GP practices and PCNs to set up virtual hubs / eHubs

  • Questionnaires for LTCs and other conditions

  • Language translation (coming soon)

  • Flexible operating model so can be used for Total Digital Triage or as an ‘add-on’ system

  • Access to Advanced’s support team and the simplicity of dealing with one supplier