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My Health questionnaires and readings

PATCHS My Health allows you to quickly and easily share health information with your GP practice to help monitor and manage your long term health conditions.

Your GP practice can use PATCHS My Health to monitor number of health conditions and they can ask you to complete questionnaires and/or readings in PATCHS.

How do I access My Health questionnaires?

Your GP will give you access to the questionnaires depending on your long term health conditions. You will only see questionnaires that have been assigned to you by your GP practice. You can access your questionnaires them from My Health on your PATCHS menu and select on the questionnaires to complete and send.

My Conditions

These are questionnaires used to collect and send condition specific, health information to your GP practice.

My Readings

Readings are used to collect and submit readings such as blood pressure to your GP practice.

My Health Questionnaires

Steps to complete My Health questionnaires

Select on the questionnaire you wish to submit  from My Health page under My Conditions section.

Now select ‘Go to question’ button to view the questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire, select your answer or fill in your response and select ‘Next page’

Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be shown the answers you have selected. If you want to change any of your answers, select previous page to revisit the answers. Once you are contented with your answers, select 'Submit'.

Once you have submitted your questionnaire, you can now view your completed questionnaire  from ‘My request and messages page’. You can open the request and view your answers by selecting ‘view answers here’ and any responses from your GP for this questionnaire can be seen from this page.

My Health Readings - Blood Pressure

You can add and submit your blood pressure readings to your GP using My Readings-Blood pressure. Your GP practice can then review your readings and respond back to you if necessary.

Steps to complete My Readings  – Blood Pressure

Select the Blood Pressure button under ‘My readings’ section.

Select Add Blood Pressure reading to add your readings.

👉 Read how to take your blood pressure for My Health

You should enter your systolic Blood pressure (the higher reading) and Diastolic Blood pressure (the lower reading) and select the Add button.

Now return to the Blood Pressure page to submit your readings by selecting Submit latest reading button.

⚠️ If you have been asked to take blood pressure readings over multiple days by your GP practice - make sure you add all the readings for those days first before selecting 'Submit latest readings' ⚠️

Once you have submitted your reading, you will see the status of the submitted reading as Submitted on the Blood pressure readings page.

The completed readings can also be seen from ‘My request and message page’ and any responses from your GP for the submitted readings can be seen from here.

You can delete the readings before submitting by selecting the red delete button at the end and by selecting Delete button in the confirmation modal.

⚠️ Once the readings are submitted they cannot be deleted because they will have already been sent to your GP practice ⚠️

You can also add blood pressure readings over multiple days and submit those readings by selecting the ‘Submit latest readings’ button.








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